Understanding Total Commitment

A Short Story

Taking a short walk through the beautiful hills of Heaven, a chicken and a pig were talking about the wonderful life they enjoyed while on earth. The chicken said to the pig, “Remember how the two of us were responsible for the world’s most famous breakfast?” The pig answered, “I sure do”. “Bacon and eggs has to be the all time favorite”. Yup! said the chicken. The pig said “Hold on just a bit. There is something you forgot in the bacon and egg scenario.” “What is that” said the chicken? The pig said: “While your efforts were only a contribution … Mine was a total commitment” 

 Commitment …. Giving Your All

We have all heard the words before:

  • half hearted
  • mediocre
  • incomplete
  • quiting
  • there are others that indicate a less than stellar effort.

But we have also heard these words:

  • all in
  • sacrifice
  • work
  • patience
  • and yes there are many more that describe the commitment of a winner.

Yo, Adrian! – It’s Me ‘Rocky Balboa’    

A love story? Perhaps. But, a story of hopes, dreams, and a longing for a better position in life must also be considered. Let’s examine some of the content of the story of a man and his quest to be ‘somebody’.  I believe there is a feeling within each of us that cannot be denied and that is the deep desire and passion to get ahead, make some kind of difference, and leave a positive impression and some level of success in life.

Permit me to focus on the second of the “Rocky” series and the rematch with Apollo Creed. Once again Creed is having his way with Balboa. It looks much the same as the first fight. This was soon to change as you may recall. There came a moment in the early rounds when Rocky has had enough and all the hard work and training and the support of his Adrian and his manager “Mick” could not be lost again.

As the round ended Apollo was taunting and pointing at Rocky while yelling (who knows what?). Rocky stood several feet away and while definitely looking at Creed said, “I’m standin he-ah”. (Philly accent added). Rocky then goes to his corner, sits on the ring stool and while being attended to by his trainer he says to Mick, “I ain’t goin down no more”. I have for you a replay of that scene so you can capture the turning point of the fight. Take a look!

​A Little Help From My Friends

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2 thoughts on “Understanding Total Commitment”

  1. I always love stories because they convey a message in a very interesting way and people can get different themes from the same story. I’ve heard the story of the pig, chicken and another friend you didn’t talk about, the cow. Both Chicken and cow gave products but they were still alive. The pig gave sausages that left him dead so among the three, the pig gave his best.

    The same applies when it comes to building our own business online. It takes time and requires that we give our best of time. Each of us has extra time that goes to waste, and if we are committed, every single minute will go towards the well being of our business.

    Wishing you all the best,


    1. Thanks,Paul. 

      I knew about the cow but wanted to be brief with the story. I heard this once “ All you can do is all you can do…….. but All you can do is enough”.


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