About Us

Suffice it to say, we are senior citizens who have experienced many things and have always enjoyed communicating with people. For this and other reasons we have created this web site because we have a passionate desire to share some of the knowledge we have gained in many facets of our lives thus far.

Now it is time to slow down a bit and thus the reason for this website. We decided to tackle the every enticing Internet and reduce our travel schedule. Both of us were astounded to learn that the Internet had over 4 billion users and 550 million products available. So, as you may imagine, we decided to capture our slice of this seemingly huge consumer pie.

We hope you find our reviews and information useful and you can expect honest and accurate appraisals of all products and services we review. We will never just tell you about stuff but rather we will show you the why, where, and how to in product/service value, cost, and other factors that will impact your buying decision. As always, we desire for you to reach out to us with any question(s) that we may be of help to you.

Thank You!